Speakers for the 2019 Patriot Network Summit


Jeanette Finicum 

Wife of Lavoy Finicum and one of the strongest women in the Patriot movement today. Jeanette travels the Country educating others and is truly loved by many in the Community.

LaVoy was an Arizona rancher, husband and father who loved liberty and understood his civic duty to uphold the rule of law, the United States Constitution.

During the 2016 Oregon occupation he acquired the position of speaker due to his gift and ability to communicate clearly the grossly misunderstood Constitutional principles that have been abandoned, forgotten or simply not taught to the American people.

His ability to powerfully teach such principles in an easily understood fashion, off the cuff, came as byproduct from years of personal study.

This type of skill was paramount in the heated misunderstood context at the 2016 Oregon occupation. The family believes this is why he was assassinated, because he had an ability to reach into the hearts of all those he spoke with to help them understand their rights and therefore be empowered to appropriately use their agency to act rather than be acted upon by an overreaching government.

KrisAnne Hall 

A national speaker and consultant on the Constitution, founder of Liberty First University, former

Russian linguist for the US Army, and former prosecutor for the State of Florida. KrisAnne also practiced First

Amendment Law for a prominent National non-profit Law firm. KrisAnne now travels the country teaching the

foundational principles of Liberty and our Constitutional Republic. KrisAnne is the author of 6 books on the

Constitution and Bill of Rights, she also has an internationally popular radio and her books and classes have been

featured on C-SPAN TV. KrisAnne can be found at www.KrisAnneHall.com.

Mark Keith Robinson

In April 2018, Mark Robinson gave a passionate, heartfelt speech at the Greensboro City Council meeting voicing his concern and standing up for the majority, law-abiding citizens. Today, Mr. Robinson’s speech has received over a hundred million views and hundreds of thousands of shares. Mr. Robinson has also received hundreds of letters in the mail from supporters. Majority Matters is an organization that strives to give a voice to the forgotten citizens in communities across our country.

Pete Santili - Talk show host,  Master of the Bullhorn,  political prisoner and host of the Pete Santilli show. Pete covers the stories that MSM ignores and airs Monday through Friday at 9am, 3pm and 9pm. Be sure to check out the show! 

Brian Conwell 

 Founder of Motivating America, Former Sergeant of the United States Army,  Former Sergent Gen Mechanic/ Gunner at U.S. Army Retired,   Owner and Founder at Battle Beard Care. Brian is a true American Hero helping Vets and Motivating others every day. 

Ace Baker

Founder of American Warrior Revolution, Outspoken speaker for the Constitution.

His Superior German Genetics enable him to grow an amazing beard with the greatest of ease. Constitutionalist to the core which means right is right and wrong is wrong.

But seriously, Ace has helped hundreds of his fellow Americans by:

▪making himself available and talking them through dark places in their lives in the middle of the night;

▪rallying various groups together to pack & move an evicted Marine in one day;

▪rallying Americans to take an interest in their school systems, state & local govt, and federal govt activities;

▪inspiring thousands of Americans to learn about, help support & stand-up against the atrocities surrounding LaVoy Finicum's death;

▪his tireless volunteering with his own style of humanitarian aide efforts before, during and after natural disasters:

      • Tommy's Generator for his exotic fish [POA]; 

      • various hardship fundraisers; 

      • water & supplies to Florida hurricane victims [twice]; and 

      • search & rescue in NC flood waters; and

▪his unprecidented devotion, hard work and dedication to the nonprofit Warriors2US Foundation as a ranking Board member and VP of Operations & Public Relations. 

.... Random Guy

John Ainsworth

John Ainsworth's years of research into America's derailment have tightly honed his work around the political motivations and outcome of the Reconstruction Acts which followed the Civil War. John’s research led him to understanding these Acts as being a pivotal lynchpin of Constitutional violations, and what amounted to a revolution of American government, constituting not only an inversion of the relationship between the states and the federal government, but a radical change of American citizenship itself.   As a result of his studies and eventual activism in the courts, John Ainsworth founded America's Remedy in 2010, an educational think tank whose goal is to bring knowledge and uncensored truth. The mission of America's Remedy is to bring education on the history of the overthrow of original states through congressional Reconstruction. Through live presentations, online videos and media, books, and seminar DVDs, America's Remedy diligently works to reveal original violations of our Constitution, demonstrates how these violations affect us today, and equips every American with the tools and knowledge required to restore lawful states 

Jason Woolsey

I  had a video that went viral, I was talking about the go fund me account that Brian Kolfage created to get the funding for the wall and how the government did not want to accept it. the video got 8 million views.....I have no military or law enforcement background. I am simply a working class man, went straight to the oilfield after high school and have been working long days and hours every since. when you hear about the American worker who is frustrated with what our big government that is me...I am pro life, pro gun, I stand against illegal immigration, I stand against sharia law, I stand against high taxation, I stand for the constitution , and I believe in our founding fathers vision. I am born and raised in north Texas, but now reside in north Louisiana. I am a god fearing man, Christian...but I tell people all the time, I am no model Christian, I am the struggling sinner who knows he needs the cross....I represent the millions of hard working class Americans who are just now coming out to fight, so many of us have not been involved, we have been trying to work and survive, tend to our families and trust in our government to fix itself, but we now see that they are too evil and corrupt to be fixed unless we the people get united and hold them accountable. my goal is to be a leader with my passion and my voice to help rally the American people to stand up and reclaim this great country. I am the founder of ( TAFFS ) which stands for.... The Americans For Freedom Stance...…..it is a very new patriotic movement but already beginning to catch a lot of steam. growing quickly especially here in Louisiana. any further questions feel free to give me a call.....thanks and God bless